Email Support

Email Support allows your customers to send an email to your email address and for a support ticket to be automatically generated for each email received. Customers receive a ticket reference no. for each email they send to you, and your support operators process the emails based on their aging as to when they were received.

Your business has a master “Inbox” and each company that you support has its own “Inbox”. All received emails are then allocated to linked operators and answered. Once they arrive they given a status of “Open” and once they are being attended to they are moved to a “In Process” folder, and finally after being closed or attended to they are given a status of “Closed”.

Customer emails are processed and tracked according to their status and can be located via their unique reference no. No emails are forgotten or ignored. If an email remains at a status level for too long (based on no. of days that you define) it is flagged as being overdue.   

Managers can monitor and pull reports on overdue emails and ensure compliance within agreed timeframes. All emails are searchable from within archives for quality monitoring purposes.