Live Chat

Live chat allows you to add a live chat icon (you choose one you like from our range on offer) to any of your web pages, that when clicked by a customer will connect him/her to one of your support agents. The two parties can then chat and support can be offered to the customer. At the end of the chat, the customer can print out or email the chat transcript to his/her email address for future reference.

Operators can handle multiple chats at the same time, thereby being far more cost effective than if they did so via the phone. In addition, you can create “predefined responses” to common questions so that operators can simply click on many standard answers and they are automatically dropped into any chat. This saves time and means they don’t have to type out each answer.

You can setup multiple companies and have each operator support different customers on behalf of several companies. What’s more, you can link different operators to separate departments within companies, such as “Sales” or “Technical Support” to ensure customers are routed to the correct operator based on their needs.  

There is no software to download and operators support customers via their web browser.

Managers can pull reports that show the total time spent on chats by operator, access the transcripts of past chats, and study statistics to enhance overall performance.

Operators can transfer chats between each other and a manager can intervene and or assist in any chat where required.